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Lucky #13

Hello Internet Wonderland!!!

I bet you thought we were gone! No chance buddy, we are here and as long as I breathe, and function properly with all my extremities, we are here to stay!

First, a brief apology for the extreme delay in releasing this episode, life happens, I deal with it so you can deal with it.

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This episode we have a group discussion about Peepo Choo Volume 1, thank you Ed Chavez and Vertical Inc., and then we talk about the anime film Golgo 13: The Professional. This was a pretty weird episode as we all had quite differing view on our topics, but it is all in fun because YOU can decide for yourselves!!

If you are interested in any of the titles be sure to pick up your own copy to love and cherish for the rest of your lives! Here, I'll even given you some image links!!

Alright, since I'm back on the wagon, stay tuned for our next episode!!

Oh, and just to make sure you guys are reading these posts all the way, you remember that contest I told you guys about a while back? Well, the contest rules are in this episode!! Listen, learn, and partake in the super awesomeness that is our first contest sponsored by Vertical Inc.!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bokurano Ours Vol. 1

I love me some giant robots! The bigger the better, the less “real” the better I say as well. These are just my personal preferences when it comes to robots in anime and manga. Give me Go Nagai over Gundam any day and I will be very happy! I also really enjoyed Evangelion which is quite a bit different than what my preferences suggest.

Perusing my local bookstore I stumbled upon Viz’s release from their Sig Ikki line, Bokurano Ours. I looked at the cover and read the very short synopsis and decided to give it a try. Maybe it will hit my Eva nerve and intrigue me, but at least it should entertain, right?

Bokurano starts off very quickly by introducing the main characters, 15 junior high kids, and immediately getting them involved with the giant robot. The kids wander into a cave and find a secret hideout that belongs to a strange man named Kokopelli. Kokopelli offers the children the opportunity to play a game in which they will pilot a giant robot and defeat alien enemies. Immediately 14 of the 15 kids sign a contract stating that they will play the game, thinking that it is just that, a game.

The children then appear back on the beach and assume it was all a dream, or in this case a mass hallucination. That is until a giant spider-like robot appears in the ocean and the kids find themselves in the cockpit of the creature. Kokopelli uses the robot to defeat an alien that appears as sort of a tutorial for the kids as they will have to pilot the robot by themselves next time. Kokopelli disappears and the kids are back home safe and sound.

While reading this volume I was extremely underwhelmed. As I said, I love my giant robots and this was nothing special. The kids were largely unlikeable, there was no character development whatsoever, and with the way the story was being told it sorely needed it, unlike Go Nagai where development doesn’t really need to exist. The artwork, while very well done, used too much white space and it almost seemed lazy to me as all the detail was put to the characters and not the world. Even the robot isn’t very well detailed and it is kind of hard to distinguish what it even looks like.

Then the kids have to fight their first alien alone. Only one child, Takashi Waku, is allowed to pilot it because he was the one who was called upon. Before the fight starts some time is put into Waku’s character, some back-story and motivation to set him up as the main character. He is flawed but strong willed and the perfect candidate to run this story to its end. Once the fight is over...Waku gets killed!! WTF!!?!?!?

I instantly became intrigued, what was this story doing, where was it going, what is really going on here? I don’t know how he did it but author Mohiro Kitoh took a bland, generic, and uninteresting story and over the course of two pages got me hooked and addicted! The last chapter in the volume begins with more back-story and motivation on one of the other kids who is then called to pilot the robot in another alien fight. This is the best chapter in the book as the author has clearly hit his stride and with the knowledge of earlier events interwoven into the new story line, a denser, more interesting manga is starting to form.

All I have to say is...I have to wait till September for the next volume! WTF!?!

P.S. If you think I’ve gone and spoiled the book for you, go buy it and see for yourself! In other words... I didn’t spoil shit!

Pick up Bokurano Ours Vol. 1 Today!

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Twin Spica Vol. 1

Continuing along with the review copies provided by Vertical Inc., Twin Spica is the first of Vertical's new licenses to see print this year (as of this writing volume 2 has already hit stores).

The story focuses on 14-year old Asumi Kamogawa, a child of tragedy who's sole dream is to become an astronaut. In the year 2010 Japan's first "all Japan made" spacecraft suffers a malfunction and crashes into the heart of a city killing the crew and many innocent bystanders, including Asumi's mother. Asumi's father continues to try and support the family through construction jobs that leave Asumi alone most of the time.

Asumi has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and decides to not tell her father that she has applied and successfully passed the entrance exam to the Tokyo Space School. After an emotional, heart breaking encounter when her father finds out; Asumi heads to the school and begins a practical exam that would finalize her entrance into the academy.

For being the first of a 16 volume series, one doesn't expect the plot to move along at high speed. When I began reading this book I expected character, plot, and motivation introductions to help draw me in to the story and become interested in how it will develop. What I didn't expect is how great yet minimal these introductions would be. No the plot doesn't move along quickly; in fact in retrospect very little happens over the volume's four chapters, but so much detail and development is brought forward that it doesn't matter at all. The bulk of the book is the practical exam and so much time is spent with the characters simply interacting that it feels extremely realistic and I even wanted it to spend more time than it did, but I'm okay with this (remembering it is a 16-volume series).

The art style definitely helps out in this department as well. While the art style isn't hyper-realistic like Ryoichi Ikegami's, it is far from the prototypical "manga style" that many potential readers tend to shy away from. As simplistic as the style might seem at first, Kou Yaginuma manages to perfectly pull the proper human emotion out of the characters, tied with the highly plausible setting and plot only heighten our involvement as readers. Each of the main characters as so distinct in their personalities, with just enough hidden at this point, that we can identify with them all in some form or another. Yaginuma's style compliments the emotion and identification perfectly because we are kept within the confines of the story. We never get pulled out due to "cartoony" drawings or any sort of absurdity in the setting or story. We are kept close and begin to feel as if the story is entirely plausible and begin to feel for the characters and become interested in how the plot will evolve.

As great as the story is, it is the side stories that really knock this volume out of the park. The main story is great and I for one cannot wait to see how it will turn out, but the side stories (which are actually pilots for Twin Spica) are so well written and executed that they pack all the emotional punches one can handle thereby sealing the deal in reading Twin Spica.

2015: Fireworks is the first story presented. This was the initial work of Kou Yaginuma that started his mangaka career. The story centers on Asumi's first meeting with her "imaginary" friend The Lion. Since this is a one-shot, it doesn't directly tie into the Twin Spica canon but helps us understand more about Lion and his relationship with Asumi and the main story. The focus is more on Lion than Asumi but not once does it fail to hit the perfect note. It feels like a movie almost. You know, the big Oscar-bait films that are extremely good but focus on drama and characters? It is pitch perfect and a welcome addition to the volume.

The second story is the first chapter of a mini-series launched after the success of 2015: Fireworks, Asumi. The series of stories focus on Asumi's childhood before the events of Twin Spica. This chapter tells the story of Asumi coping with her mother's death. As with Twin Spica and 2015: Fireworks, the art work is so genuine and realistic in its story telling that the plot of this chapter never feels absurd or "crazy", it is just perfect. Emotionally powerful from start to finish, Asumi adds to the main story even more and creates a deeper emotional connection with the main character that made me re-read the volume!

That is the beauty of Twin Spica; engaging and wonderful on its own merits but combined with the additional stories giving background and "insider" information, it becomes a series that not only should be read, but should be read multiple times. An emotional powerhouse that invokes feelings typically reserved for the greatest of films, Twin Spica comes to grand life in exquisitely detailed black and white pages. Don't pass on this series, if you do you may be missing out on a series many manga publishers would never release because it doesn't pander to a specific fandom but instead gives a full, deep story independent of other manga and one that truly stands out from the pack in terms of quality and uniqueness.

Pick up Twin Spica Vol. 1 Today!


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome Back Space Cowboy

As promised we have returned!! Never fear as we will never leave as long as there is anime to talk about! So...

Download the Episode Here!

Also as promised we finally talk about one of the biggest "gateway drugs" anime has ever had...Cowboy Bebop! We know this is a fan favorite but this is the first time Chris has seen the whole thing and of course the first time Dan has seen ANY of it. So, do our views and opinions validate your love of the Bebop, or did we just make a few enemies???

Buy the complete series of Cowboy Bebop today!

Oh yeah, we also watched and talked about the Cowboy Bebop movie!! That's right, here at the U.S. Anime Review we got you covered!

Buy the Cowboy Bebop Movie today!

That's it for this time, join us next episode when we talk about the world's greatest assassin....Golgo 13!!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chi's Sweet Home Vol. 1

Writing this review has been one of the most difficult tasks I have been charged with. One of my main goals with the U.S. Anime Review is not just to talk about anime and manga but also to talk about how to introduce someone to anime and manga. I understand fully that everyone’s tastes are different and no one is going to like the same thing simultaneously.

Usually when I review something, I am very convicted in my opinions. If I like something and appreciate it then it is quite easy for me to express these views and opinions. Chi’s Sweet Home is one of the newer releases by Vertical Inc., and much like this website, Vertical is more concerned about reaching out to new audiences who may not particularly be a manga fan, than simply pandering to the existing fan base. After much deliberation, I have decided to write this review in sections. These sections will help provide a well rounded scope of what this book contains and can provide to potential readers.

A young stray kitten gets separated from its (feline) family one day. A kind family, the Yamadas, find the kitten and take her home, despite the fact that there apartment complex has a strict “no pets” policy. This volume introduces the kitten, later named Chi, and the Yamadas; as the focus is on their everyday life and the growing up experiences of Chi.

The Facts
Chi’s Sweet Home is presented in full color by Vertical Inc. and it looks amazing. The paper quality and the color palettes match perfectly with the tone of the material. This is a fun light-hearted book that uses author Konami Kanata’s art style to its full potential. The character designs of the human characters are very basic to say the least. Every aspect of the humans is very plain and not exactly what I would call detailed; but the artwork is never ugly. The main focus of this series is of course Chi and she is drawn very nicely. While not realistic is her design, Chi has all the details and nuances of what a great comic feline should have. The author has to be a cat lover because each scenario Chi is placed in is realistic in how it plays out; how a cat plays, potentially thinks, and feels.

Needless to say, Chi is adorable. The design and character of this cat is genetically engineered to be relentlessly adorable and strike the perfect nerve for the target demographic. The translation by Vertical is also pretty top notch. The wording fits perfectly into the English language and never presents an awkward feeling in its flow. The choice to make the vernacular of Chi extremely cutesy is a little less than perfect though. As with Vertical’s release of Black Jack, they use strange spellings to reflect the immaturity and speech nuances of young characters. Chi constantly speaks with this pattern, words such as “pway (play)”, “miulk (milk)”, and “scarewy (scary)” are used to the point of excess. While reading the book if you “speak” the words in your head it is easy to imagine this being animated. You can hear the nuance and it adds to the cute factor ten-fold. However, because it is used so much it can become over bearing and slightly annoying at times. In Black Jack the only character with this translated nuance is Pinoko and she isn’t heavily involved in each story so it is easier to take there; where as here the main focus is Chi and there practically isn’t a single panel that doesn’t at least show Chi.

This is a book that understands its material perfectly and is flawless in how it presents the story. Each chapter is only around eight pages, each making for perfect relaxation material or a great escape when light-hearted super cute is the mood you’re in. Each story gives a believable perspective that makes the series all the more relatable. The way Chi thinks and acts will make anyone who even knows a cat start to wonder if this is what they are really thinking when the cat acts a certain way.

Solid writing with just enough humor make this volume a great start to a series that has a lot of potential to touch hearts and crack smiles the world over.

My opinion
I LOVED this book!! I am a cat person, I have always owned a cat, and I really enjoy just ENJOYING a book every once in awhile; one that doesn’t push the boundaries of my imagination or intellect. I think that it is strange that this is a seinen manga (older men) because this is on the level with any successful children’s book ever created. Being an adult I don’t have an issue with this because I didn’t find the book condescending in any way, it was just simple fun with intelligent writing that really makes each story pop. Also, the fact that my own cat does very similar things as Chi not only makes me wonder about my own cat’s motivations but also connects me closer to Chi and love each chapter even more!

I highly recommend this book to anyone that will enjoy it because I have read this volume twice so far and really enjoy just getting lost in the absolute cuteness of it all. I also feel that Vertical has hit another one right out of the park! Sticking to their guns of not strictly going for the pre-existing manga fan, they present another series for everyone else to enjoy. Like Peepo Choo, which can draw in the sex and violence American comics crowd, Chi has the ability to draw in another crowd. Yes children will love this series, it is a great way to introduce small kids to the world of Japanese comics and possibly make a future convert out of them. Also, I know plenty of adults who either don’t know about anime/manga or straight out don’t like these mediums. However, they love watching videos of animals doing cute things and/or are huge animal/cat lovers. This book is for them. It could very well be a cross over series that can help break down barriers and open up the possibilities of manga in America! The fact that the book if oriented from left to right, as opposed to the traditional Japanese format of right to left, proves that it is this demographic that Vertical is aiming for.

Will pre-existing manga fans love this series? Yes, if this sounds enjoyable to you and you think you would have fun following Chi on her many adventures by all means buy this book! If you are some irrational “purist” who will only read manga in its original right to left format then obviously you won’t pick it up, but you will be missing out of one of the more heartwarming and fun experiences released this year!

That being said…

For everyone else
If you are not a cat lover, if you are not under the majestic spell of cute animals doing cute things…don’t even bother! Not only will you probably hate this book but you might assault however it was that told you this book was great and recommended it to you. If you are not the type of person this book is meant for not only will you not fully enjoy it, or enjoy it at all, but you will probably hate your life while reading it.

It is not a super intense story full of mystery, intrigue, action, and/or mind-bending puzzles. It is intended to be fluff; highly enjoyable fluff if you think this is something you might possibly enjoy. Otherwise, you have been warned! However, if you fit this description and know someone who would enjoy this series, well you already know the best book to recommend.


Take this Kitty home today!!

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High School of The Dead Ep. 1

With the announcement at Anime Expo that Sentai Filmworks will be simulcasting the new series High School of The Dead, I was immediately excited. I make it no secret that I love, and am a complete sucker for, Zombies.

This series is being promoted as a hit even before it aired, with Madhouse animating based on ultra violent manga by Daisuke Satō I can see why! The premise is simple enough; for reasons unknown as of episode 1, zombies have taken over Japan. At the titular high school, Takashi has witnessed the school's first attack at the school gate and immediately takes action. He bursts into a class and grabs his childhood sweetheart, Rei, and her boyfriend, Hisashi, and begins to evacuate the school. The zombies very quickly take over the school leaving the three no choice but to head to the rooftops.

Anyone who knows anything about zombie movies knows that it is never about the zombies. The quality zombie flicks all focus on the survivors and these survivors must be "real" and interesting. H.O.T.D. does just that in its premiere episode. With the focus on Takashi, Rei, and Hisashi we are presented a great window into these characters as their interactions are true and believable despite the madness starting almost immediately.

My only complaint is the fanservice. There is simply too much of it and due to the heavy and extremely violent nature of the show, it is very distracting to the point of not enjoying the show. If the fanservice can stay realistic within the confines of the story, which was only one scene here, it would be just fine and even enhance the show. But instead we get boob jiggles and panty shots to the extreme!

This is an extremely violent, gloriously so, show that is off to a great start with it's premise and character development. Honestly, I cannot wait to see more episodes as I was quickly drawn in and immediately moved to see what happens with the characters. Just lay off the unnecessary fanservice, please!


Watch Episode 1 here!
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Monster - The group discussion

Thank you for your patience. To reward you we are proud to present a new episode of the U.S. Anime Review!

Download the Episode Here!

On this episode we talk about the importance in supporting the anime/manga industry. Dan talks about a show he recently watched, Kino's Journey, and Chris raves about Giant Killing. Nolan talks about the end of Kenichi and why he hates relationships in anime.

For the main review we talk about Naoki Urasawa's Monster, which I previously reviewed here. For some unknown reason Viz is refusing to release further box sets of what I believe to be the best anime series in recent years. Help support awareness of this anime by listening to our opinions and seeing if the show is right for you, and then buy it!

We wrap things up with a special announcement that you will only know about by listening to the podcasts! Join us next time as we discuss Cowboy Bebop, Until Next Time Space Cowboy...

Buy Monster Box Set 1 Today!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Peepo Choo Vol. 1

Previously I’ve talked about my thoughts on OEL manga and a great book that transcends the stereotypes and becomes great on its own merits, King of RPGs. This time, I will talk about an American artist who was so good that his work was actually published in Japan, Felipe Smith.

If you can get past any preconceived prejudices that manga has to be “by a Japanese author” and “published in Japan” then Vertical Inc. has just published your favorite new book!

Peepo Choo is a three volume series being released by Vertical throughout 2010. The basic premise follows as such: Meet Milton, a self proclaimed Otaku who loves anything and everything about Japan; especially the anime series Peepo Choo (say it slowly and it is quite clear what Felipe Smith is parodying). Milton “works” in a comics and manga shop which is run and operated by Gill, a psychopathic mass murderer who has recently been released from jail.

Meet Takeshi Morimoto, the cruelest, sickest Yakuza gangster I can think of in recent memory. He is the Japanese version of Gill, just a lot smaller and sadistic in his mannerisms. Meet Reiko, a smoking hot 17-year-old model who is rougher around the edges than a rusted razor blade. What do all of these characters have to do with each other? They inhabit and fill the world of Peepo Choo with exquisite color and depth despite the horrific circumstances of which they intertwine.

The plot gets moving when Gill is hired to kill someone in Japan. He decides to hold a “Win a Trip to Japan” contest at the comics shop to create an alibi. Milton “wins” the contest with a little help from Jody, the anti-nerd, super sex obsessed clerk of the comic store who simply hopes that Milton’s “knowledge” of Japan can help him get laid.

Much of this volume is spent introducing the characters and presenting the world and all its idiosyncrasies. While many series do this in the first volume, Peepo Choo never threatens to become boring. With hyper-stylized sex and gloriously gratuitous violence we are ushered into a world in which we are simultaneously interested and enthralled with as well as completely terrified of! The opening pages, presented in expertly rendered color, introduce Gill as he rampages and completely decimates a small gang in the projects of Chicago. There are no sly tricks of the “camera” to suggest the violence; it is laid out for the entire world to see. The level of violence is something I am more familiar with in American graphic novels, such as the work of Frank Miller and Garth Ennis. The same thing goes for the sex; the book never reaches the level of pornography but is quite frank in how it depicts sex.

The thing about the sex and violence that I found interesting was that, while in great excess, never seems forced or unwanted. These scenes always enhance the narrative to allow the reader a better understanding of the characters involved. One of my biggest gripes is unnecessary scenes that do not move the plot forward or give character development, they just exist as fan service.

As an anime and manga fan I found it quite easy to relate to both the main character, Milton, and the author. For many years the anime/manga fandom was presented with the idea of “Cool Japan”. Almost everyone at some point builds high expectations for Japan based off of the entertainment we consume. Milton goes so far as to detest his life in America because he must act a certain way which is completely contrary to who he feels he is as a person. Milton feels that he should have been born in Japan.

The ways in which Felipe Smith develops the story makes me feel as if he once thought like Milton. Once he got his wish and visited Japan the realities hit, and I am sure they hit hard. Peepo Choo is more a chronicle of disillusionment and the journey to find our place in life more than it is about the story it presents. Certain scenes, such as Milton performing the Peepo Choo dance in Japan as a greeting, are so realistic in their depictions because the characters have so much depth that we, the readers, know exactly how they think and how they feel.

The gritty world of Japan, the false promises of anime like Peepo Choo (super cute and cuddly with a glowing display of happiness and universal peace in Japan), and the realistic depictions of characters of different creed and disposition really make you realize that what we see as the world in our backyard, is the world. The grass is never greener and maybe you really are better off right where you are.

There are still some mysteries to be revealed which has me begging for the rest of the series’ immediate release; but with Volume 1, Peepo Choo gives us something that we can revisit and dig through to find more subtleties in Smith’s art and message. Plus, it is one hell of a ride that action, violence, drama, and comedy junkies can return to again and again. The simple entertainment value is one that is not often matched. Many series require you to become a fan to enjoy repeated visits; Peepo Choo makes you a fan immediately. Even if you don’t become a fan there is something compelling and dark that urges you to revisit multiple times.

Note to the wise: Peepo Choo is rated 18+ and is shrink wrapped. This is wholly justified but then again, kids aren’t the ones who will pick this up. Peepo Choo is a bonafide cross over hit with Americans of all classifications. American comic fans should be sure to pick this up because is it not just manga, but it is manga that sympathizes and show the reasons why Comic fans hate manga. This is American art with Japanese storytelling conventions melded to a consumable art that can cross boundaries and introduce members of both fandoms to what lies on the other side.

Felipe Smith has created a masterpiece that I see sitting on the shelves next to The Watchmen and Preacher as well as a Kazuo Koike series and Monster.


Buy  Peepo Choo Volume 1 today!

Thanks to Ed Chavez of Vertical Inc. for providing this review copy.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh My Goddess! Vol 14

After getting a crash course in the Oh! My Goddess story via Animeigo’s OVA collection, I felt prepared to tackle the manga which I received courtesy of

Starting off with volume 14 I know I have missed quite a bit, but due to the episodic nature of the OVA I thought it shouldn’t be that bad. Believe it or not I was right!

The manga continues the very episodic feel with four separate stories told over eight chapters. Each story is self-contained and doesn’t present any type of over arcing storyline that most manga tend to have.

The first story deals with Keiichi’s sister Megumi as she gets into a conflict with a motorcycle rider named the Queen. The premise starts off lighthearted enough with Megumi attending the most popular lecture at her college. Only 30 people can get in and the Queen waits for the 30th rider to pass just for the opportunity to race and show off her supremacy. However, as Megumi attends the lectures and continues to beat the Queen in every race she is challenged, the story goes for a more clichéd morale to have the Queen and the reader learn that there is more than just upgrades that matter.

The second story is about Skuld trying to unlock her angel, as impatient as any child could be, and Urd coming to terms with her own history and destiny.

I could keep describing each story but that will just get tedious and boring. I found this volume quite endearing. Yes, I’m a sucker for clichés and lighthearted comedy and some people may not like this book for just those reasons. But I really enjoyed it, it didn’t challenge my mind but it made me just simply enjoy my time spent with the characters. Much like the OVA, the lack of a greater plot didn’t bother me but considering that this is volume 14 I think that even I might have gotten fed up by this point.

This kind of carefree storytelling that exists only to entertain is something I really identify with but reading 40 some odd volumes would just get boring and really cause me to dislike the series. Reading this on a weekly basis, with one chapter per week, would be perfect because you can get your kicks but not feel weighed down by the huge amount of material present.

I really look forward to reading more of Oh! My Goddess but I will have to take my time as to not get burned out.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dragon Ball Z Kai: Season 1 Part 1

So Funimation released the first part of Dragon Ball Kai (dubbed Z Kai) today; as a huge Dragon Ball fan I have quite a bit to say on this release.

I own EVERY release of Dragon Ball that has been released here in America, by this qualification I definitely know about the fandom’s ups and downs when it comes to Funi’s releases. It goes without saying that the Dragon Box is by far the best release of the original Dragon Ball Z in America, pristine picture quality, full frame aspect ratio, and for the first time, TRULY uncut and unedited. So how does Z Kai stand up?

Dragon Ball Kai is a recent production in Japan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of DBZ. It has been upgraded from the source to be Hi-Definition (1080p) with newly recorded voices and music, brand-new openings and closings, and picture touch-ups to enhance effects or fix mistakes from the original. Keep in mind however, that it is the original video from 20 years ago and NOT totally new animation.

Funimation’s release flat out provides the best release of this material as possible. I am not going to focus on the content, as I usually do, because this is the umpteenth release of DBZ in America, instead I will focus on this release specifically. I picked up the Blu-Ray release so keep that in mind as you read this review.

The video truly is HD, no crappy up-convert or faux HD. This presents the material in a fantastic light. Using the same setup, I compared this to my Dragon Box using Blu-Ray up-conversion. The Dragon Box looks great up-converted from DVD as the video looks as it should. For DBZ Kai, the video looks even cleaner. The colors are more vibrant and the lines very well defined. The new animation looks so good that I never want to see this particular footage on DVD with a standard DVD player!

While watching this set I did notice some extreme blemishes such as dirt and dust. After comparing it to the Dragon Box I have concluded; it is not an issue with Funi’s transfer or the Kai version in general as these blemishes ARE in the original. Since this set is true HD and not an up-converted DVD you simply see the blemishes more clearly and are thus, much more noticeable.

A lot of people have written hasty reviews stating that the video for the old footage is blurry and looks horrible....WRONG!! This footage looks the same as the Dragon Box, but because of the new animation thrown in here and there it becomes more noticeable that there is a quality difference. If there was a marathon feature on the disc, these “blurry” scenes would not be as noticeable. The footage where touch ups have been integrated with the old footage looks great. On the lo-fi fansubs these scenes looked very odd and obviously out of place. With this Blu-Ray release it looks as if Vegeta ALWAYS had black hair when first introduced!

The video is presented as intended, 4:3 aspect ratio!! Just like the Dragon Box, this is the ONLY way to watch Dragon Ball and thank GOD they didn’t go with another widescreen release! My only slight issue is that it is forced 4:3. With the Dragon Box, the picture morphs to fill my widescreen TV without distorting the picture. With Kai, the video stays centered with black bars to the left and right (which is only slightly distracting), and if I try to force the picture to fill the screen the video becomes extremely distorted bars it is!

Onto the audio; just like the Japanese version, Funimation has gone back and totally re-dubbed the voices. For the widescreen releases they did the same thing but the quality of that dub was on par with what they had done previously (post Freeza arc when they stopped TOTALLY sucking). This dub is much better!! Some of the voices that seemed flat before are given new life and finally there is a DB dub on par with Funimation’s other releases. Gohan is no longer annoying, Bulma finally has some emotion outside of stupid valley girl, and all the other characters (especially Kuririn and Raditz) just sound good. The only exception to this is King Kai (Kaio-sama), he is still just as annoying as before. The dub script is only slightly better however. It follows the original script a little better than the old dubs and does have a better feel and seems less fake and forced, so congrats on that! But the original JP scripts still seem superior in its presentation and delivery.

Before this release I would always say, stick to the Japanese audio track. The Japanese audio track is still far superior and the best way to watch DB, but this dub is finally “do-able.” It isn’t annoying but rather enjoyable when you just want some background DB (which is what I’m doing as I write this!). As a side note, the new dub’s narration is much better than the old dub but he totally reminds me of the Pokemon narrator, this provides me with great comedic pleasure!

The new Japanese music is kept intact throughout the dub, which is great! The only issue with the new music, as it pertains to Funimation’s release, is the opening and closing songs. As with recent Funimation dubs, they have translated and re-recorded the opening and closing songs. Honestly, they just sound bad! The new songs are great and this dub just sounds off and extremely uninspired. Plus, while listening to the dub songs with the JP subtitles on you can really tell that they just wrote new songs with the same music. The meaning and feel of the lyrics are totally gone, which is a total shame. If you are a dub only kinda fan...fine, just please switch on the JP audio for these great songs!

As for’s Dragon Ball! These 13 episodes cover roughly the first 30 episodes of the original DBZ. All the filler has been removed to follow the original manga more closely. This isn’t distracting, obvious, and annoying like the American edits of years past however.

Visit Daizenshuu EX and Kanzentai for a more in-depth description of the differences between Kai and the original DBZ.

Needless to say the core story is still intact. I have a deep love for a lot of the original filler and it is missed here but, at least with this set, it is not glaringly obvious these scenes are missing. The action is fast and the tension is high but it never seemed too rushed for me. The pieces fit together so nicely that unless you are an old fan and/or super-obsessed (like me) you won’t notice.

This is a fantastic set for what it is. Older fans will likely prefer the original but this is sufficient enough as a highlight reel and the new music/animation is really worth it. Dub fans may not like this new dub but for JP fans who hate the old dub, this is definitely the set to pick up just to watch DBZ as a background thing. Fans of the original Japanese DBZ might be better served to stick with the Dragon Box, unless you are crazy completists who NEED the new animation and music, like me.

For any DBZ haters out there who have never even bothered to watch the show or couldn’t stand some of the drawn out fight sequences, you should absolutely pick this up. With its filler-less pace it is much easier to get into and enjoy the story. The picture blemishes are excusable because heck, it IS HD and the show IS 20 years old!

All around a great set that I am glad to add to my already excessive collection. This is the best DBZ dub release in America, and a thoroughly enjoyable time. I will continue to pick up these Blu-Ray sets till the end. But don’t think for a second that I will stop picking up the Dragon Box sets! They are still the definitive release of the original series!


Pick up your copy of Dragon Ball Z Kai today!!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

That's Amore

Welcome back for another episode of Chris' Manga Corner!

Download the episode here!

This time Dan and I talk about Ristorante Paradiso by Natsume Ono. This was a different experience to talk about as not even I had read this book before making Dan read it. What do we think????

Pick your copy today!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Perfect Blue Storm

Welcome back everyone, we are proud to present another diverse episode of the U.S. Anime Review!

Download the Episode Here!

This time we talk about Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon. I knew this movie would have different effects on everyone but never did I expect this! Either way it is a great film that many anime fans already know about and depending on your tastes may be the "perfect" film for you too.

Buy your copy of Perfect Blue today!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monster Strippers, or, GOGO Monster

Welcome to another installment of Chris' Manga Corner.

Download the Episode Here!

This time Chris and Dan talk about Taiyo Matsumoto's newest American release GOGO Monster. A fantastic book with real abstract themes and images. A must read whether you end up liking it or not. David Lynch fans need apply!

Pick up your own copy of GOGO Monster today!

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U.S. Anime Review Forum

Please read and agree with the following rules before signing into the forum.

"Why Do You Have This Many Fucking Rules?"

In order to keep this board from becoming a complete cesspool we've compiled this set of rules. If you want the short version of the rules, here it is: be excellent to each other other or DON'T BE A DUMBFUCK.

I. The Stuff That Should Be Obvious

A. By signing up for this board, you are stating that you are mature enough to handle what might show up on this board. This board is aimed primarily at older teenagers and adults, so you’re likely to see any amount of weird shit on this board. This board is not intended for anyone under the age of 16 or anyone that is easily offended.

B. The decisions of message board moderators are final and not up for debate. A moderator’s decision can only be overturned by the moderator that made it, an admin, or in a pinch, a consensus of mods. If you feel that a moderator has REALLY stepped out of line, feel free to talk to the moderator or an admin.

C. The moderators are generally all fun-loving people who do not take their power too seriously, and so they may overlook an offense or two (especially if you’re a valuable contributor to discussion). But don’t press your luck. Hassling a moderator is a good way to get yourself banned.

D. If a user gets out of hand in any way, for any reason, the admins reserve the right to revoke their posting privileges or impose some other punishment.

E. You do not always get warned before action is taken. These rules are now in writing, and you are expected to know what they are and follow them. Most of the rules are just common sense anyway, so why not save us all a headache and take a minute to learn them?

II. Language/Flames

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B. On a related note, flame wars are also permitted if they are interesting or entertaining. Keep in mind, though, that a moderator can shut down any and all flame wars at his or her own discretion, especially if it’s degraded to no more than stupid name-calling.

C. We welcome the free exchange of speech and opinions, and encourage discussions and debate. However, outright political propaganda will NOT be tolerated. (Also, see the rule above.)

D. Do not come to this site with the purpose of starting a dispute. Note that a person disagreeing with your opinion is NOT trolling; keep it civil, even if you're sure the other person is wrong. Anything seen as trolling will result in you being banned.

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If you agree CLICK HERE to enter the forums!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Forward Progress...

Bringing it back to the people, we return once again to talk about them Japernese cartoons!

Download the Episode here!

Introduction 0:00 - 26:32
First, I would like to apologize for the wildly varying audio quality this episode. It appears the one of my cables is going bad and I will get to the root of it! Anyway, we actually watched anime in our free time since we recorded last and by extension have a lot to say. Note to listeners: Be proud of Dan, very proud. He is watching anime of his own free will!!

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 26:32 - 41:40
Hayao Miyazaki is a very popular and prolific anime director and this, based on his own manga and created to start up Studio Ghibli,is no exception. What does everyone think? Find Out!

Buy Nausicaa Today!!

Closing 41:40 - 46:06
What's coming up next week? Another movie that can prove extremely controversial amongst the U.S. Anime Review...Perfect Blue! I'm excited and you should be too. Plus, at the request of Nolan and Garrett a fan fave is coming soon...

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ahhhhh, Cherry Blossoms

Welcome back everyone. We have a new episode already to go for your consumption.

Download The Episode Here!!

5 Centimeters Per Second 0:00 - 22:29
We forgo the usual introduction this time around because this episode was recorded immediately after the last one. Jumping straight into the review, we discuss Makoto Shinkai's film 5 Centimeters Per Second. A fantastic film no matter how you slice and the only thing left to say is:
5 Centimeters Per Second

Closing 22:29 - 25:11
So Dan has been exposed to the "new Miyazaki", next time I feel it only appropriate to introduce him to the REAL Miyazaki! Let's see how this turns out, and if you have any suggestions on what we should show Dan based off of his previous judgments please let us know!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Magnificant Podcast??

Holy crap!! Are we posting a new podcast episode?? Why yes I do believe we are!

Welcome back everybody, I'm terribly sorry for the delay but life and school happens. You are reading this and listening to the episode so I know you forgive me :)

Download the Episode Here!!

Introduction 0:00 - 14:36
Picking up right after the last episode (a month ago) we talk a little about what anime we have watched in our free time. Holy shit!! Dan bought some manga on his own? And likes it??? Progress I say!

El Hazard 14:36 - 35:30
Early to mid 90s comic fantasy series that I loved and one that helped get me into anime. Did Dan like it?? Who knows but I can say that Dan loved Jinai's laugh. So much I can't even express his feelings!
Buy El Hazard Here

Closing 35:30 - 38:20
We wrap it up and set the stage for the first "unkown" anime that none of us have ever seen. Stayed tuned...

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Astro Boy Vol. 1 & 2

Astro Boy is easily Osamu Tezuka’s most popular work. Why shouldn’t it be? It was the first anime to tell an overarching continuous story and it was the first anime brought over to America back in the 60s! It was recently made into an American CG feature film for crying out loud!

But the manga is where it all started. It was originally serialized from 1952 – 1968 and thanks to Dark Horse Manga it was brought to America in 2002. The first volume is actually volumes 1 & 2 combined into one book. It begins with a “new” origin story written by Tezuka in 1975. These collections do not follow the original serialization but rather what Tezuka wanted released when Kodansha collected the volumes. The other stories range from long arcs to quick one-offs, but none should be ignored.

I remember watching Astro Boy every once in awhile on TV and being thrown off by the primitive, yet ground-breaking, animation. It had the”classic” American dub that always sounded so weird, see Speed Racer, and not truly enjoying it. Well I am sure that is because I never did a marathon of the series! These stories are clearly made for children but not in the way American cartoons are made for children. These stories work extremely well with the manga medium and Tezuka shows that he fully understands how to progress a story without becoming long winded and boring.

Like all of Tezuka’s works there are underlying themes that seem to speak better than say…G.I. Joe’s PSAs, and never does he become preachy. By using the medium of manga and Disney styled characters, Tezuka is able to convey socially conscious themes in a manner that children can understand and learn from. Most of the stories in this volume also include “new” drawings of Tezuka himself introducing the story and talking a little bit about the theme or just some fun trivia. These pages seem very real as Tezuka is expressing his personal thoughts himself and not through a fictional story.

Don’t let all this talk about being made for children stop you adults out there from reading Astro Boy. It is not dumbed down nor is it boring and stupid. It is quite intelligent and involving. Some people, like Dan, might be put off by the cartoony style of the characters but that is what makes Astro Boy work. Tezuka has varied exaggerated expressions that make the comedy and emphasis so enjoyable, and honestly if it was “realistically” drawn it wouldn’t be enjoyable. Tezuka litters these stories with great comedic timing that don’t distract from the story but rather make it much more fun and really got me involved in the story. I couldn’t stop turning the pages not because I was hung on suspense or mystery but because I was having fun. Not only was I having fun but the allegories within made me think and realize how universal and timeless these themes are.

If you have any interest in anime or manga you owe it to yourself, not just for historical reasons, to read Tezuka and especially Astro Boy to see how fun and enchanting this medium can be.

Pick your copy today and enjoy Astro Boy!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Osamu Tezuka's MW

Welcome back everybody! Sorry for the huge delay between podcast episodes and posts in general. Believe me when I say I have a bunch of stuff waiting to post. Now if only I can stop being lazy...

The buzz on the internet is that March is Tezuka Month. Osamu Tezuka was such an amazing mangaka and his work deserves to be recognized and celebrated. This episode is another one of Chris' Manga Corners and me and Dan talk about MW. A fantastic gekiga styled work from the late 70s that has been graciously given to us by Vertical Inc.

Download the Episode here!

If you have no idea who Osamu Tezuka should be ashamed, but you are probably like most Americans. His most famous work is Astro Boy but don't let that stop you, Astro Boy is quite good, because his work ranges from child fare to adult works. They all are great.

Buy your own copy of MW here.

Check out the first manga corner where we talked about Dororo. Be sure to stay tuned right here at the U.S. Anime Review because more Tezuka reviews will be coming...I swear!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The New Wave of Sexulaized Violence

Good Morning peoples! We are back after a short break to bring you the most risque review yet in Episode 6! See for yourself and see if you might like the show or are just left hollow.

Download the episode here!

Introduction 0:00 - 16:30
First, we get a quick opinion on MAZENKAISER!! from Garrett and then Dan has a secret revelation he wishes to tell us...what could it be?

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne 16:30 - 46:11
We talk about a new show that was just released on DVD courtesy of FUNimation! WOW, what to say what to say? In short we all really liked the show but there are some things you should know about before purchasing! But the show is still purchase worthy so pick it up here:
Buy Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne here

Closing 46:11 - 55:24
Wrapping it up like a Christmas present! Some jibber jabber and apreview of what's to come...El Hazard OVA 1, be excited!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh My Goddess OVA

Oh My Goddess! has always been one of those shows that I wanted to check out. I always saw it at the video store and said “I should pick that up” but always put it on the backburner because I had other shows I NEEDED to get first.

So when I was graced with the presence of five free volumes of the Oh My Goddess! manga (courtesy of had to do some research to get me up to speed. For my research I picked up the OVA series released by Animeigo years ago (by the way this OVA series is going out of print at the end of the month so pick up your copies ASAP!)

Oh My Goddess! is the story of Keiichi, an absolute loser who really has nothing going for him except his auto club at college (a loser he may be but boy does he love motorcycles!). One day while trying to order take out at 9AM, Keiichi accidentally calls the Goddess Relief Line and meets Belldandy, an actual goddess! Thinking it was all a joke Keiichi uses his one goddess wish to wish that Belldandy be his girlfriend and stay with him forever, you know what they say about being careful what you wish for.

Belldandy then moves in with Keiichi and over time actually grows to love the guy with all her pure “perfect woman” heart. The series then introduces Belldandy’s older half-sister (half angel and half demon to be exact) Urd and her younger sister Skuld, who are also goddesses! This sounds like a horrible harem show but it really isn’t because Keiichi and Belldandy are actually together and every woman is NOT trying to get with Keiichi.

The series really was a treat to watch as it playfully followed the misadventures of Keiichi and introduced the main characters, one per episode for the first three episodes. The same old dumb harem show jokes really weren’t present here but got a little close sometimes but hey…that’s half the fun right!? The series took a bit of a serious tone for the last two episodes (to clarify: this OVA is only 5 episodes long) but it was more of a dramatic approach that really made me interested in what the fate of these characters would be, instead of totally changing the feel of the show.

For an early 90s OVA series the animation quality was extremely excellent, OVAs are usually pretty good but this looks better than some modern shows. The goddess were drawn exquisitely, I use this word because for lack of better phrasing Belldandy and Urd are HOT! Skuld being a minor is drawn as such without any creepy sexualization which was a relief, given the show’s romantic comedy genre. Lots of sight gags litter the series and thus have the “typical” anime trademarks (sweat drops, huge exaggerated eyes for comedy bits, etc.) that might throw newbies off a little bit.

I really enjoyed this series for what it was, a fun lighthearted comedy series with romantic (but by no means “chick flick”) qualities.

Animeigo really did a great job with the DVD presentation: lots of fun extras (especially the “dub your own Oh My Goddess” setting), beautiful picture quality, and a dub that isn’t hard to listen to. I really enjoyed the Japanese language track but am not against the dub at all as it wasn’t the “cat’s meow” but wasn’t the typical early 90s dub!

I urge you to pick this OVA series up because A) you can get it pretty cheap (at least until it is officially out of print) and B) it really is an enjoyable show. B

$5.99 19 copies left!

Stay tuned for my upcoming review of the Oh My Goddess manga, Vols. 15 – 20. COMING SOON!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

King of RPGs Vol. 1

I have never really been sold on the idea of OEL (Original English Language) Manga. Manga is a Japanese word that represents the comic books created in Japan, Manwha is Korean comics, and just plain old comics represents comics made here in America.

The recent string of American comics’ creators marketing their works as “manga” always seemed weird to me and a quick thumb through of some OEL manga never really impressed me so I never picked any up…until now.

King of RPGs is the new OEL manga series written by Jason Thompson and illustrated by Victor Hao. The plot centers on Shesh Maccabee, a hard-core World of Warfare player who becomes so psychopathic that he causes other players to pass out and creates a huge medical emergency after a 7-day straight internet café WoW (get the joke now!?) campaign. Shesh then has to go through intensive psychiatric therapy to “cure” him of this horrible disease.

The story starts with Shesh and his best friend Mike on their first day at the University of California at Escondido, where after orientation they go with a new acquaintance, a English major Jen, to the campus’ game room. There they participate in a table-top game of Mages & Monsters with Game Master Theodore Dudek, and there Shesh becomes increasingly bored of this “stupid” table top game as he only plays online RPGs (not any more of course). Then it happens! Shesh has a mental break and becomes fully immersed in the RPG character and goes berserk. Not the fanatical WoW berserk but MPD berserk! This starts a series of events that get increasingly bizarre and troublesome as they unfold.

This is only the first volume in a new series but I will tell you straight out…I am sold!!

This book was so funny! Even with manga, or traditional American comics, I usually never laugh out loud; I just smirk or give a quick chuckle. I was constantly laughing out loud while reading this book! I always thought of myself as a functional nerd, I have nerdy hobbies but I am not what you would typify as a nerd. While reading King of RPGs I found out that I am quite possibly the biggest nerd on the planet! There are so many hidden jokes throughout that only a true nerd could have written them and only a true nerd would understand them.

The story shows just how invested the author was in creating this world, the amount of knowledge used and a wry twist of humor to go with it just makes this world that much more believable. You know people like the characters in this book, you may be one of the characters in this book, and whether you hate these characters (there is a person just for you in the series) or aspire to be these characters, the pure wit and perfect execution will have you fully enjoying this book.

The art style is just as it sounds, American illustrators using “manga-style” designs. However, they are surprising effective in this series. Because of all the game, manga, and anime jokes, they simply cry out for a drawing style that properly represents that. OEL manga may typically just be manga-style drawings with a very non-manga story (creating the type of awkwardness that scared me away) but King of RPGs is meant to be drawn like this, it NEEDS to be drawn like this.

The series is rated 16+ and while I don’t think it really deserves it, it definitely benefits from the lack of constraints a lower rating would have. Some moments get surprising violent for no reason other than because it can and the designs for the characters fit so perfectly that you of course have to have the ridiculously hot “bad-girl” that just makes this real and f^%#ing hilarious!

I could probably ramble forever on how much I loved this book, but I will spare you by simply saying “It’s $10 MSRP! Just buy it and see for yourself!” I know I will be buying each new volume as they come out! A+

P.S. I always feel as if I’m the only person who knows who the hell Travis Bickle is! Thank you King of RPGs for proving me wrong and making me laugh!

Visit the official King of RPGs website, Suvudu, and Comixology
for more comic book/manga fun!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Free Manga Anyone!?!

I am pretty sure I have never mentioned this before on either a podcast episode or on a blog entry but here you go!

Do you like anime? Do you like manga?
If you're anything like me you love them both! If you don't care for a particular anime the manga is probably ten times better, at least that is what my experience has led me to believe.

Does buying manga seem to make a dent in your wallet, preventing you from buying as much as possible? It sure does for me so what is better than winning FREE MANGA!?! is currently giving away free manga EVERY DAY for next 228 days (if my math is any good) as part of their 365 Days of Manga extravaganza. It's easy! All you have to do is go to the website and fill out a real short form on the side bar and...that's it! 5 free manga will be headed your way if you are lucky. I know some of you might be thinking that "I never win anything so I might as well not even bother." I should be your inspiration because I never win anything either but check this out

If I can win you can too!
P.S. By taking this picture and posting it on the interwebs I can get 5 more free manga! Enter now!

Also check out the 365 Days of Manga maestro Jason Thompson, author of Manga: The Complete Guide on a recent episode of the Anime World Order!

UPDATE 2-16-10
Got my second batch of free manga in the mail from Suvudu today and check this shit out!
Mother Fuckin' BAOH Son!
All 3 original Viz printings of Uzumaki (an awesome movie and I'm sure the manga is better), some Street Fighter manga (I'll check it out), and MOTHER FUCKIN' BAOH SON!!! That's what I'm talking about!! Thank you Suvudu!

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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Welcome to the U.S. Anime Review...Mecha style!
It's just me and Dan this episode but we still talk about SUPA things! There will be no new episode next week as we take a slight hiatus because I really need to work on my final for this class. But until then...

Download the episode here!

Introduction 0:00 - 6:34
Trying something a little different here but without Nolan and Garrett it feels a little empty. We catch up with Dan who has continued to re-watch Ghost in the Shell since our review as well as a view tidbits about Sgt. Frog a show I just started watching and am loving the hell out of. Pick up your own copy here

MAZENKAISER!! 6:34 - 56:30
Dan has been thrust into the wonderful world of Super Robots, one of my favorite genres in anime and there is no better place to start than with the brilliance that is Go Nagai! At least that's what I thought before Dan started talking. Plus, Nolan joins us via telephone to give his thoughts on the show and of course boobs!
If you love giant robots and do not own this amazing show pick it up here (with a special Go Nagai bonus series!):

Closing 56:30 - 1:02:02
We wrap it up with the usual plugs and housecleaning and begin our journey into the unkown. Next time we will be reviewing the recent FUNimation release RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne. None of us have watched it yet and hopefully I don't break my promise on NO Tentacle Porn! Only time will tell so until next time...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Koike has Offered this....just accept!

Hello everybody!
Not everybody has finished watching MAZENKAISER!! yet so to fill the void I now present...Chris' Manga Corner episode 2!

Download the episode here!

In this installment Dan and I discuss Gekiga and its stark contrast to Osamu Tezuka's earlier work, see Manga Corner 1, and introduce a living legend in the field..Kazuo Koike!

I didn't want to flip Dan's lid entirely so instead of classics such as Crying Freeman or Wounded Man I start off with Offered.

When this was recorded, and even more so when I bought these books, the prices for these books have gone up but they are still worth the purchase!!
Get them now!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's not just about Boobs!!

Due to Dan liking the movie we reviewed this week so much, it took me a little while before I could obtain the clips I wanted, see he borrowed my DVD of the film. But adversity has been conquered and we are back with Episode 4!!

Download the episode here!

Introduction 0:00 - 2:16
We kept the introduction short and sweet this time around just giving the basic housecleaning tips. One thing I didn't mention in the episode is to reiterate that we are available on iTunes and if our wonderful listeners could please leave a review of us on iTunes we would appreciate it. We really like what we are doing and are looking to increase our exposure and since most podcast downloads are from iTunes, reviews will help us get noticed!!

Ghost in The Shell 2:16 - 45:05
This absolutely fantastic film directed by maestro Mamoru Oshii has had a very long and illustrious history with American anime fandom. Without giving too much away, the film gets dissected for all the philosophical wonders it beholds. Yet for some reason all Nolan cared about were the boobies and felt different about the movie than Dan and I....weird!
Own the classic that started it all here...

...or the new 2.0 version of the film!!
Closing 45:05 - 49:02
Wrapping up a very diverse episode, I declare that next time we stop treading the waters and dive head first!! That's time we introduce Dan to the wonderful world of giant robots with the almighty MAZENKAISER!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Most Dangerous Episode Yet!

Welcome back after quite the lengthy delay! Now that the holidays are over and things are settling into the usual hectic manner we are proud to bring you Episode 3 of the U.S. Anime Review Podcast!!

Download the Episode here!

Introduction 0:00 - 3:29
We start it off with horrible jokes that get old real quick yet, never get old. Quick reminder: To leave us feedback please send us an email at

Akira 3:29 - 30:04
WOW!! Not only do anime fans already know that this movie is a masterpiece but Dan even loved it!! We are making some good headway here and it will only get more interesting now that we at least have Dan's interest peaked!
Buy this perfect film here:

M.D. Geist 30:04 - 1:02:16
Again, another early 90s anime masterpiece, this time of a different kind, that Dan liked!!!! Sure he liked it for all the wrong reasons but isn't that why we love the most dangerous soldier?
Everyone must see this movie! Pick it up here:
but as we tell you, the version you should really get is here:

Closing 1:02:16 - 1:10:34
We wrap this up quite nicely with a preview of what's to come, and a little more of the Most Dangerous music!