Sunday, January 31, 2010


Welcome to the U.S. Anime Review...Mecha style!
It's just me and Dan this episode but we still talk about SUPA things! There will be no new episode next week as we take a slight hiatus because I really need to work on my final for this class. But until then...

Download the episode here!

Introduction 0:00 - 6:34
Trying something a little different here but without Nolan and Garrett it feels a little empty. We catch up with Dan who has continued to re-watch Ghost in the Shell since our review as well as a view tidbits about Sgt. Frog a show I just started watching and am loving the hell out of. Pick up your own copy here

MAZENKAISER!! 6:34 - 56:30
Dan has been thrust into the wonderful world of Super Robots, one of my favorite genres in anime and there is no better place to start than with the brilliance that is Go Nagai! At least that's what I thought before Dan started talking. Plus, Nolan joins us via telephone to give his thoughts on the show and of course boobs!
If you love giant robots and do not own this amazing show pick it up here (with a special Go Nagai bonus series!):

Closing 56:30 - 1:02:02
We wrap it up with the usual plugs and housecleaning and begin our journey into the unkown. Next time we will be reviewing the recent FUNimation release RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne. None of us have watched it yet and hopefully I don't break my promise on NO Tentacle Porn! Only time will tell so until next time...

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