Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Most Dangerous Episode Yet!

Welcome back after quite the lengthy delay! Now that the holidays are over and things are settling into the usual hectic manner we are proud to bring you Episode 3 of the U.S. Anime Review Podcast!!

Download the Episode here!

Introduction 0:00 - 3:29
We start it off with horrible jokes that get old real quick yet, never get old. Quick reminder: To leave us feedback please send us an email at

Akira 3:29 - 30:04
WOW!! Not only do anime fans already know that this movie is a masterpiece but Dan even loved it!! We are making some good headway here and it will only get more interesting now that we at least have Dan's interest peaked!
Buy this perfect film here:

M.D. Geist 30:04 - 1:02:16
Again, another early 90s anime masterpiece, this time of a different kind, that Dan liked!!!! Sure he liked it for all the wrong reasons but isn't that why we love the most dangerous soldier?
Everyone must see this movie! Pick it up here:
but as we tell you, the version you should really get is here:

Closing 1:02:16 - 1:10:34
We wrap this up quite nicely with a preview of what's to come, and a little more of the Most Dangerous music!

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  1. this is the most dangerous and most best episode yet!