Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's not just about Boobs!!

Due to Dan liking the movie we reviewed this week so much, it took me a little while before I could obtain the clips I wanted, see he borrowed my DVD of the film. But adversity has been conquered and we are back with Episode 4!!

Download the episode here!

Introduction 0:00 - 2:16
We kept the introduction short and sweet this time around just giving the basic housecleaning tips. One thing I didn't mention in the episode is to reiterate that we are available on iTunes and if our wonderful listeners could please leave a review of us on iTunes we would appreciate it. We really like what we are doing and are looking to increase our exposure and since most podcast downloads are from iTunes, reviews will help us get noticed!!

Ghost in The Shell 2:16 - 45:05
This absolutely fantastic film directed by maestro Mamoru Oshii has had a very long and illustrious history with American anime fandom. Without giving too much away, the film gets dissected for all the philosophical wonders it beholds. Yet for some reason all Nolan cared about were the boobies and felt different about the movie than Dan and I....weird!
Own the classic that started it all here...

...or the new 2.0 version of the film!!
Closing 45:05 - 49:02
Wrapping up a very diverse episode, I declare that next time we stop treading the waters and dive head first!! That's time we introduce Dan to the wonderful world of giant robots with the almighty MAZENKAISER!!!

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