Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome Back Space Cowboy

As promised we have returned!! Never fear as we will never leave as long as there is anime to talk about! So...

Download the Episode Here!

Also as promised we finally talk about one of the biggest "gateway drugs" anime has ever had...Cowboy Bebop! We know this is a fan favorite but this is the first time Chris has seen the whole thing and of course the first time Dan has seen ANY of it. So, do our views and opinions validate your love of the Bebop, or did we just make a few enemies???

Buy the complete series of Cowboy Bebop today!

Oh yeah, we also watched and talked about the Cowboy Bebop movie!! That's right, here at the U.S. Anime Review we got you covered!

Buy the Cowboy Bebop Movie today!

That's it for this time, join us next episode when we talk about the world's greatest assassin....Golgo 13!!
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  1. Angie Harmon was the one that i would think would make a good Faye Valentine.

  2. Awesome Episode guys, Keep it up!