Friday, December 10, 2010

Lucky #13

Hello Internet Wonderland!!!

I bet you thought we were gone! No chance buddy, we are here and as long as I breathe, and function properly with all my extremities, we are here to stay!

First, a brief apology for the extreme delay in releasing this episode, life happens, I deal with it so you can deal with it.

Download the Episode here!!

This episode we have a group discussion about Peepo Choo Volume 1, thank you Ed Chavez and Vertical Inc., and then we talk about the anime film Golgo 13: The Professional. This was a pretty weird episode as we all had quite differing view on our topics, but it is all in fun because YOU can decide for yourselves!!

If you are interested in any of the titles be sure to pick up your own copy to love and cherish for the rest of your lives! Here, I'll even given you some image links!!

Alright, since I'm back on the wagon, stay tuned for our next episode!!

Oh, and just to make sure you guys are reading these posts all the way, you remember that contest I told you guys about a while back? Well, the contest rules are in this episode!! Listen, learn, and partake in the super awesomeness that is our first contest sponsored by Vertical Inc.!!


  1. Chris is Milton! Welcome back!

  2. Kill, fuck, kill, fuck............kill...kill!

  3. POW! POW! POW!


    High and Tight Bitch! High and Tight!