Saturday, July 24, 2010

High School of The Dead Ep. 1

With the announcement at Anime Expo that Sentai Filmworks will be simulcasting the new series High School of The Dead, I was immediately excited. I make it no secret that I love, and am a complete sucker for, Zombies.

This series is being promoted as a hit even before it aired, with Madhouse animating based on ultra violent manga by Daisuke Satō I can see why! The premise is simple enough; for reasons unknown as of episode 1, zombies have taken over Japan. At the titular high school, Takashi has witnessed the school's first attack at the school gate and immediately takes action. He bursts into a class and grabs his childhood sweetheart, Rei, and her boyfriend, Hisashi, and begins to evacuate the school. The zombies very quickly take over the school leaving the three no choice but to head to the rooftops.

Anyone who knows anything about zombie movies knows that it is never about the zombies. The quality zombie flicks all focus on the survivors and these survivors must be "real" and interesting. H.O.T.D. does just that in its premiere episode. With the focus on Takashi, Rei, and Hisashi we are presented a great window into these characters as their interactions are true and believable despite the madness starting almost immediately.

My only complaint is the fanservice. There is simply too much of it and due to the heavy and extremely violent nature of the show, it is very distracting to the point of not enjoying the show. If the fanservice can stay realistic within the confines of the story, which was only one scene here, it would be just fine and even enhance the show. But instead we get boob jiggles and panty shots to the extreme!

This is an extremely violent, gloriously so, show that is off to a great start with it's premise and character development. Honestly, I cannot wait to see more episodes as I was quickly drawn in and immediately moved to see what happens with the characters. Just lay off the unnecessary fanservice, please!


Watch Episode 1 here!
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