Saturday, July 10, 2010

Monster - The group discussion

Thank you for your patience. To reward you we are proud to present a new episode of the U.S. Anime Review!

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On this episode we talk about the importance in supporting the anime/manga industry. Dan talks about a show he recently watched, Kino's Journey, and Chris raves about Giant Killing. Nolan talks about the end of Kenichi and why he hates relationships in anime.

For the main review we talk about Naoki Urasawa's Monster, which I previously reviewed here. For some unknown reason Viz is refusing to release further box sets of what I believe to be the best anime series in recent years. Help support awareness of this anime by listening to our opinions and seeing if the show is right for you, and then buy it!

We wrap things up with a special announcement that you will only know about by listening to the podcasts! Join us next time as we discuss Cowboy Bebop, Until Next Time Space Cowboy...

Buy Monster Box Set 1 Today!

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