Thursday, August 25, 2011

The U.S. Anime Review and GEN Manga: A match made in heaven!

The first big announcement for the U.S. Anime Review relaunch is...a partnership with GEN Manga!

For those not aware: GEN Manga is a new American Publishing company that not only brings manga to our shores but brings new manga never before released ANYWHERE! And yes, that includes Japan. GEN Manga is a monthly magazine that will feature new chapters in on going stories. That right, just like manga anthologies in Japan. Each series and creator represent the Japanese manga underground. Think American indie comic books and you get the idea.

GEN Manga launched three months ago and provide legal online manga for all to enjoy. How does one read GEN Manga? There are two ways, well, technically three. The first way is to purchase their print magazines off of Amazon. These issues must be purchased individually and there is no subscription. The second way is to subscribe to the magazine via the GEN Manga website. A monthly subscription will get you access to each issue as soon as it is released as well as the entire back catalog. This leads directly into the third way to read GEN Manga. Read the U.S. Anime Review and receive a special DISCOUNT on GEN Manga subscriptions!

That's right, we have entered a partnership with GEN Manga that will allow readers of the U.S. Anime Review to subscribe to the online magazine at a discount! How do you subscribe? Easy. Click on the following link and you are off to the wonderful dojinshi races!

Subscribe to GEN Manga with a discount!

And just in case you are not sure what GEN Manga really truly is their official press release.

GEN Manga Entertainment, Inc. Announces the Release of GEN
GEN will be available nationwide June, 2011

NEW YORK, NY – GEN Manga Entertainment, Inc. announces the upcoming release of GEN. GEN 1 (ISBN: 978-0-9836134-0-4, Trade Paper, 136 pages, black and white, $9.95, Category: Graphic Fiction) will be available where fine books are sold June, 2011.

GEN 1 is presently available in digital format for FREE on the official website (

Indie manga from the Tokyo Underground released in North America, GEN, marks a shift in manga publishing strategy. This original work of graphic fiction boldly challenges the industry while breaking new ground. It presents what manga readers are hungry for, the release of fresh underground work from Japan. GEN marks the release of a new serial publication that will continue to introduce a variety of new underground stories to readers as it progresses.

GEN stories are published no where else in the world. They come straight from the artists in Japan to readers in America. GEN presents this rough yet vibrant work as “seinen” the next step up from “shonen” for the maturing manga reader.

Four hard-lined, unpolished stories are presented in the first of GEN. Wolf is the emotional story of a young man that heads to the city to avenge his childhood abandonment. VS Aliens is the story of an average student duped (or not?) into going on a wild alien chase. A mysterious masked stranger in KAMEN holds secrets to hidden powers to protect innocents from massacre. And a young woman explores her psyche in the metaphysical journey of Souls.

GEN puts on no airs about how grand their authors are. In fact, they readily admit that their authors are underground. GEN is manga the way it should be without the flash, for the fans, raw and fresh.

Presenting new indie manga circles from Japan, GEN, a monthly publication, will be released in the US in June. Digital format for GEN is available on Based in New York, GEN Manga Entertainment ( endeavors to publish new and unseen graphic work from Japan, being in the unique position to bring readers work first, more original and untamed manga will be sure to come!

For those still curious or unsure if GEN Manga is something you wish to spend your hard earned money on...never fear. That's why I'm here!

Currently issues 1 & 2 are available to view FOR FREE at GEN Manga. And with each passing month, and each new issue, a back issue will be available to view...for free!

But how do I know if the stories are any good? Again, let me take care of that for you. Coming soon I will be posting a review of the FIRST FOUR issues of GEN Manga. This review will look at each individual series, and with four issues in the bag one can get a pretty good view on their characteristics and qualities.

So there you have it. Are you excited? I sure as heck am! Stay tuned for reviews of GEN Manga, check out the first two issues for yourself, and subscribe to get the latest issues a discount! Everyone loves a quality product at a deal and GEN Manga and the U.S. Anime Review are here to provide!

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